Contents of a Kanga Care wet bag
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Why Every household should have Kanga Care Wet Bags

Kanga Care wet bags are marketed for cloth diapering families, but they are super useful for those who use disposable as well. Even families without kids in diapers can make use of these.

Diaper Struggles

A common issue that everyone faces who has a child in diapers is the smell from the diaper pale. It’s the same battle whether someone is using disposables or cloth.

Walking into your child’s room to get them up from a nap only to be affronted by the smell from the diaper pale can be nauseating. And sometimes having a dirty smell like that in your home can make you feel like a dirty person.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! There are products to contain the smell. For cloth diapering, my favorite is the Kanga Care Wet Bag.

Kanga Care Wet Bag

Product: Kanga Care We Bag
Average Price: $18.95
Place to
Multiple Designs: Yes
Warranty: Yes
My Rating: 5 out of 5


This wet bag comes in multiple designs. The average price is $18.95 but some designs cost more. I do recommend buying on Amazon over anywhere else mostly because it doesn’t seem available elsewhere.

I have a post on where to buy cloth diapers for a price better than Amazon, but this particular product is better on Amazon.


I like these wet bags because they are huge. They can fit a lot. It hangs perfectly on the drawer of the bureau for easy access to stuff dirty diapers in.

hanging wet bags
2 wet bags hanging: one full and one empty

The one on the left is the one we’re actually using right now. The one on the right is one I stuffed with a bunch of clean diapers to show its size.

This is everything that was stuffed in the bag on the right:

Contents of a Kanga Care wet bag
Contents of a Kanga Care wet bag

It’s hard to believe that all that cloth fits in that little bag, but it does! Their volume capacity is amazing.

As you can see, there’s more than just diapers in the blag. There is a blanket and some clothes. We throw all her stuff in these bags to be washed.

Smell Proof?

For the most part, yes. The only time I’ve had a smell coming from the bags was when Sara was getting close to starting solids. She was purely breastfed and breastfed poop is water soluble.

So her poopy diapers went straight in to the bag at the time. As she got older, she pooped more at once. That was when I started noticing a smell.

But when she started solid food and started having solid poops, the smell went away. Solid poops get knocked in the toilet.

When I go wash the wet bag and its contents, I get hit with a very strong urine smell. With the bag closed, I can’t smell it. But it’s certainly there once it’s been opened!

Leak Proof?

Completely. I’ve never had a leaking problem. I do see some comments on Amazon where people said they had that problem. I would contact the company in that case because they shouldn’t be. We have three we’ve been using for 9 straight months.

We’ve also been putting them in the dryer with no negative effects so far.


If you click on the link above, it can be a bit confusing. Kanga Care makes more than wet bags. So most of the warranty information is in reference to cloth diapers.

Multiple Uses

two beach towels
Two beach towels and a little ham who had to be in the picture

These bags aren’t just for cloth diapering. If you use disposables but have to wash your kid’s laundry separately for whatever reason, this is a good option.

Going to the gym? Throw one of these in your gym bag to put your dirty clothes in after. Any gym goer knows a stink builds up in a gym bag that gets sweaty clothes thrown into it repeatedly.

Going to the beach? Bring one along! It’s perfect to put a wet bathing suit and towel in. Or two!

My favorite alternate use is for traveling. I use two for Sara’s laundry and one for my husband and me. It’s perfect for dirty laundry. We don’t scramble over trying to figure out what to do with our dirty clothes when visiting family.

Other Wet Bags

small wet bag
small wet bag for the diaper bag

Kanga Care is not the only wet bag on the market. It is the best for around the house but any brand will do for the diaper bag.

Having a small wet bag in the diaper bag can hold more than just dirty cloth diapers. If your child has blowouts, this is a great thing to have on hand to put those dirty clothes in.

Most have two pockets. So you can keep a pair of clean clothes in one pocket and the dirty ones in another.

Couldn’t Be Happier

I really love the three bags I have. Only two are needed for cloth diapering, but I appreciate having an extra one on hand. Even more so when we travel.

The Kanga Care wet bag gives the opportunity for a smell free environment. And not having a dirty diaper smell feels great. Especially when guests come over!

Have you ever used a wet bag before? How about Kanga Care? I’d love to hear your input on these bags and your own experiences with a dirty diaper smell in the house!

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Hi. They say you learn something every day. This article on diapers was very enlightening. My kids and grandchildren are, mostly, grown but this is ideal for a new mom with her first child. I agree, no one likes the smell of dirty diapers but what amazed me about this product is the variety of use for just about anything. I, also, took the liberty to browse through your website and read the about me column. So, you are a Navy vet, so am I. Thank you for your service. This has been one of the best websites that I… Read more »


I really like this Kanga care wet back. Your review was short and precise on the product. I must say it’s the first time of hearing about this bag and I think it’s something everyone should have at home. It’s easy to use and storm going of clothes for washing will be easier and also make the room tidy. I like the fact that it is waterproof and price is relatively affordable . I will make an order tomorrow. Great job!


This article is really pointing to important necessities that a mom should have in the house. A must have. It is a common issue that everyone faces who has a child in diapers is the smell from the diaper pale. It’s the same battle whether someone is using disposables or cloth. It is like a war in my aunt’s family of recent especially with her husband when the smell of used diapers from their kids is becoming unbearable, that is when they ask me if I know the best Wet Bags they could get of recent. Am glad I had… Read more »


Kanga Care wet bags hold approximately 15 diapers and inserts These durable bags are great for dirty diapers, wet clothes, and more! What I love most about it is the varieties of colours and the comfort to carry it.It has an attractive shape of half moon shaped instead of flat, this makes it looks beautiful. Nice write ,very informative post.


Hi Nichole, 

Dealing with poop and urine smell as a new mom can be disturbing to say the least. I manage the smell to extent by wrapping her used diapers in a thick blanket. But it’s stressful because, I get to wash the heavy blanket as well when washing her soiled clothes. 

The Kanga Care Wet Bags will save me stress and putrid odours. Thanks for this article, it is a huge help. 

Tracy cole
Tracy cole

This sounds so exciting and adventurous. I feel tickled by the theme. What an amazingly talented writer you are! I have heard about kanga care wet bags before now but I haven’t tasted its benefits this much. This is the most extensive and comprehensive review i have ever read aboit this product and i will be getting mine anytime soon. Thanks for posting


Good evening Nicole,

I am blessed with good tastebuds and a well-functioning nose. I also have a vivid imagination so therefore it is not difficult to imagine how unpleasant it must be to have your house smell, as you say, of poop. Great you found the Kanga Care Wet Bag so this problem is solved.

Regards, Taetske



This Kanga Wear Wet Bag seems very useful, even if you don’t have babies, it really is multifactional. Unfortunately, it isn’t available for shipping to my country, but I will try to find something similar somewhere else. If you have any other places where I can buy it online, I would be glad to know.