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Where to Find Discounts on Cloth Diapers

There are cloth diapering sites all over the internet. But cloth diapers are also available on Amazon. So why buy them anywhere but your favorite online shopping store? For the deals. Sites dedicated to cloth diapering offer coupons and discounts on cloth diapers that can’t be found on Amazon.

Another great feature of these sites is sometimes they provide detailed posts that help you to learn about cloth diapering. A big one for that is Grovia.


Grovia is definitely one of the more expensive brands, but there are deals and discounts available to help make them cheaper. On their site, you can bundle saving up to 10% on their diapers. In the header section, hover over ‘Shop,’ and the column on the far right will show you some bundle options.

The trial kit lets you test drive cloth diapering. It’s $20 for a shell, pad to insert in the shell, and 3 biodisposables. The biodisposables are for on the go and eco-friendly. That’s a pretty good deal to get a cloth diaper you can test for a couple of days before buying in bulk.

The hybrid, all-in-one (AIO), and O.N.E system bundles let you choose what kinds of diapers and how many you want. The more you buy at once, the greater the discount!

If you’re new to cloth diapering, GroVia helps you understand the differences with their ‘Learn’ tab. They have a Cloth Diaper Buying Guide. It comes up with a visual difference of each of their diapers followed by a breakdown of what each one provides. 

Grovia offers a ton of information in their ‘Learn’ tab. This is what comes up when you hover over ‘Learn’:

A couple of my favorite links are ‘Wash Away the Water Myth‘ and ‘Disposable vs. Cloth.’ You should check them out to learn more.

GroVia also has a discontinued discount. Clicking on their ‘Sale‘ tab will bring up a page where you can get up to 35% off individual diapers. This is one of their current (October 2018) sales:

The last discount I will mention from GroVia you can get by signing up for their newsletter. New subscribers get 10% of their first purchase.

GroVia also offers free shipping on orders over $100.

Diaper Junction

Diaper Junction sells multiple brands and types. It’s a good one stop shop and even has some items for mom and the home. It has a registry option so you can get friends and family to buy your diaper stash for you.

There is a ‘Coupon‘ tab dedicated to getting you great deals. Right off the bat, it tells you that you can save 5% off your first purchase by joining the newsletter. There are also several coupons listed. Here are a couple:

Spend $79 and get a free Newborn AIO or Swaddle. That’s pretty sweet. There are a few more coupons, so be sure to check it out.

Diaper Junction also has a learning tab. They call it ‘Cloth 411‘.

Their Cloth Diapering Definitions post is a great resource for any beginner trying to find out about all the different types of cloth diapers and accessories available.

There is a link to their blog which I totally recommend checking out. They have a giveaway event that happens every Friday. That’s awesome! Once a week you get a chance to win a free item.

They also do regular sales. Here’s a current deal they have going on:

Sign up for my weekly updates (found at the bottom of this post and in the sidebar), and I’ll keep you up to date on their sales and weekly giveaways.

Diaper Junction also has a great 30 day trial period. You can try cloth diapers for free for 30 days. Why not give it a spin?

An additional great perk of Diaper Junction is free shipping for US orders.

An item not mentioned yet, and not available at the other two sites is rewards perks! Of everything you buy, you can get 10% back in rewards points to go to another purchase! How awesome is that?

Cloth Diaper

Cloth Diaper shares a few similarities with Diaper Junction. It also has a 5% discount on the first sale for anyone who signs up for their newsletter and is also a multi-brand and style seller.

Across the top of the page, they have a few tabs. One of which is ‘Package Deals.’

The economy flat diaper package is perfect for the family tight on a budget. This package includes everything that we are using right now for Sara (click here to learn why we love them and how we use them). It’s all we’ve used for her four months of life. This is what it looks like:

It has 36 flats, 4 shells, and 3 snappies. You could easily cloth diaper for about 6 months or longer. It costs $80. As your baby gets bigger, you will need to get bigger shells. Ours will last us several more months, but Sara is a skinny baby. A bigger baby would need to update sooner.

Can you imagine paying only $80 on diapers for your child’s first 6 months or even year? Or none if you put this on your baby shower gift registry as we did.

36 flats is the perfect number to be able to cycle through your diapers and maintain a good lifespan on them. I would recommend getting a few more shells. We have about 10 and find that to be a good number. I would also recommend getting more snappies. We currently have 3, but I’ve lately found myself wishing we had more. 6 would probably be a good amount.

If you were to buy these pieces separately on Amazon, it would cost about $148. That’s almost double what Cloth Diaper will sell them to you for.

The prefold package deals offer a trial option, economy, and more. Check it out:

See those savings options? Click the photo for enlargement if you’re having trouble seeing them. There’s even more in their Buttons Trial Package and Accessory Packages for you to check out.

Cloth Diaper also has free shipping on orders over $49 and within the continental US.

Those are Your Options for Great Deals

Are you interested in trying out any of these great deals? If you want to learn more about cloth diapering, subscribe to my newsletter right below the Lukalula monthly sale ad to get updates discussing cloth diapers and other topics. Do you have experience with cloth diapering you’d like to share for anyone considering it or just getting into it? Comment below!

This post contains affiliate links. Learn more at my affiliate disclosure page.

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hello Nast,
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Hi Nicole, Terrific post and lots of visuals which really make it pop. I think you make a really good case for cloth diapers and the discounts and level of depth that you looked into will really help your customers!

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Puiu Andrei

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Hey Nicole, I found the information you have given very informative. I am a father of two and my youngest child is 3 months old and this is the first i am hearing about these options. I will surely be looking more in depth into it.


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Great article on helping moms out there in giving them discounts on cloth diapers.

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Keep it up.