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What’s the Best Gift for Mother’s Day?

What’s the best gift for Mother’s Day? The answer is simple. Anything that will help her to relax. The gift can be something physical or an action.

It can be hard to pick out a gift for a mother. They can do anything and are self sufficient. So how do you know what she would like?

Moms are constantly going taking care of errands, kids, partners, family, friends, the house, and whatever else may be going on. They don’t get to relax often.

So getting a mom something that’ll help her achieve relaxation will be received with much love.

Physical Gifts

In this section, I’m going to give you some ideas for physical gifts and then I’ll give some ideas for action and experience items.


breastfeeding friendly pjs
“Never give up on your dreams, keep sleeping”

My husband got me a new set of Pjs for Mother’s Day. He thought Mother’s Day was this past weekend instead of this coming weekend. So he already gave me my gift.

He got me something that was breastfeeding friendly and I could relax in.

It’s very comfy.


If your mom is a tea or coffee person, getting her something to help fulfill that love will go a loooong way. Maybe get her a keurig machine or a tea accessory.

Sitting down and enjoying a nice cup of coffee or favorite blend of tea is very enjoyable. Find her something that will make getting her cup of whatever easier.


cupid with a bazooka
wood burning depiction of cupid with a bazooka

Getting something handmade from a loved one always brings a smile to a mom’s face.

My husband made this for me as a gift one year. Cupid with a bazooka is a running joke of ours. This piece of wood hangs on the wall in our house and always brings a smile.

It’s also fun to tell its story to visitors when they see it.

Making something, or helping her kids make her something, will make her feel loved.

Action Gifts

These are the gifts where you do something to help out.


Moms are constantly doing chores. Any mom would find it amazing to not have to do her least favorite chores for the weekend. It could be making meals, vacuuming, doing the dishes, laundry, and anything else she does constantly because she has to not because she likes to.

Coming home and being surprised by a clean house would also fill her with a ton of feel good vibes.


Messy Kid
Messy kid

Kids are great, but they can make you want to rip your hair out sometimes. Moms don’t always get a break from their kids as often as they would like. Offering to watch the little ones while she goes out and does her favorite things (shopping, spa day, hanging out with a friend), can help her regenerate energy.

You could combine a Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gift by offering to watch their kids while they go out on a date or get away for a weekend.

Experience Gifts

Experience gifts are becoming really popular. They allow people to spend money on loved ones without adding to the clutter of a home. Gifting tickets to the Opera House, a concert, or any special event that you know she loves will be greatly appreciated.

Think About What Helps Her Relax

It can be daunting trying to find a gift for the mom who does it all. Find her something that helps her to stop and enjoy some me time. She’ll love you for it.

I’d love to hear from you on what gifts you’ve given to a mom and she’s loved. Or if you are a mom, gifts you’ve received that you love. And I hope these ideas help anyone struggling to find the perfect gift.

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Nate MC
Nate MC

Great ideas, especially action type gifts like doing chores. And I’m a fan of handmade gifts, especially since these days you can find all sorts of handmade items. You can even customize them too! And of course you can’t go wrong with a day at the spa type of gift lol.


This is a really awesome list of ideas to get my mom the best mothers day gift. One of the ideas I really liked was the idea of a handmade gift.

Last year my wife (I helped haha) made her a welcome sign for her door with a precut flower, and then just hand painted it. This year I think we’re getting her a mix of essential oils, bath bombs, and some aromatherapy cleaning supplies.

Also she requested that we carry some rock to put around the house. So that’ll be fun ;).


These are great ideas, I love them all. Especially the pjs lol. I used to love when my husband bought me those with the silly sayings. A dinner or breakfast outing is also a good idea. Or a stress relieving toy, because of the crazy kids, and the crazy husband lol. Great post, and thank you for sharing!


Thanks for all the great ideas! I am a mother of 5, go to school, and run 2 businesses so the one thing I absolutely never get to do is relax! I don’t think I know how to relax anymore hah! My mother is the hardest person to shop for since she tends to be a bit picky about her belongings. I love your ideas on PJs or coffee/tea accessories though; I think she just might love something like that. Thanks again!


Absolutely, moms are the greatest helper we can ever have in our lives. They are never tired of helping or giving a helping hand where needed. It’s true that one of the gifts to offer them on mother’s day will be a relaxation gift that truly comes with love.  This blog is full of love and love flowing through one that has truly received and still receiving love from the ones around her. This blog reminds me of my mom and how she is pleased with every little thing myself and the family members gets for her. She found joy… Read more »

Marlinda Davis
Marlinda Davis

Thanks for these awesome ideas on what I can do for mothers on mother’s day. One of my hubby’s cousins just had twins and they already had two other children. 

So I know they have their handsful. I think for Mother’s Day I could give her an Action gift and help her out with her family. 

She posts on FB that she’s so overwhelmed so I know she’ll probably enjoy it. Thanks for sharing!

Matt's Mom
Matt's Mom

These are some great Mother’s Day gift ideas.  Most people only think about the material gifts, but I like the idea of doing chores, or something to make her day easier.  For me, all I want is a homemade card from my son.  Does my heart good when he makes his own card for me.  That is the best part of the day for m.  So hand made gifts are a great idea in my book.