Pregnancy Hacks

Pregnancy is no walk in the park. It comes with a lot of pains. Here is a list of different pregnancy hacks that worked for me and others. The goal of this post is to put together a comprehensive list of things women can do to manage their pregnancy pains.

Please comment on your own hacks for pains that you experienced. I definitely didn’t experience them all, and what works for one doesn’t always work for another.

Heart Burn/ Acid Reflux

  • Calcium Tums (just be careful how many you take, you can get a kidney stone by taking too many)
  • Prescription medication
  • Chewing gum – my best guess as to why this helped me was because I was constantly swallowing preventing content from coming up.
  • Avoiding starchy foods like bread and pasta
  • Cup of warm/hot water + tsp Apple Cider Vinegar (should be the kind that has stuff floating)- can sweeten with honey or chosen sweetener
  • drink a glass of milk


(in laymen’s terms: pain in the crotch while rolling in bed, lifting one leg, going up and down stairs)

  • Pain medication
  • A massage – my chiropractor showed us how to do it, but you can also find videos on youtube that teach it
  • Yoga stretching – youtube is a good resource again.
  • Sitting while putting on socks or pants
  • Slowly getting out of bed or turning in bed
  • Sitting on a Yoga ball

She starts talking about the tips at 5:40.

Pain during sleeping

(this can come from SPD or hip pain. I had both)

  • Pain medication
  • Not sleeping in bed – sleeping on the couch allowed me to sleep at an angle so I could sleep on my back. Doc said it was okay so long as I was inclined at least 30% which was more than doable on the couch. I had to sleep on my back at least part of the night because only sleeping on my sides caused intense pain in my hips.
Couch Bed
Bed set up on the couch with several pillows and a blanket.

Nausea and Vomiting

Someone being nauseous
  • Nausea medication
  • Eating- may not be the best advice, but it helped
  • Yoga breathing- learned about this one after my nausea went away, didn’t get a chance to try it myself
  • Sex- Weird right? But being turned on took away the nausea feeling for a bit. My husband was happy to help out, haha

Tight Stomach Muscle

(there is no official term for this. Sara constantly pressed herself against a certain muscle in my abdomen causing pain. The pain was in the upper abdomen and made it difficult to lean forward, especially while sitting. Even having a perfect posture didn’t always help)

  • Pain medication
  • Sitting on a Yoga ball
  • Chiropractor – I started these last two at the same time. So I’m not sure if it was one, the other, or both that helped. But nothing I had tried before had helped ease the pain in that muscle.
pregnancy ball seat
I learned to work at the table sitting on my yoga ball.

*note: this pain came back after labor. The nurses said it was because the muscle had been so overstressed that it was going to be a while before it was back to normal. And it did gradually stop hurting.

Charlie Horse

  • regular stretching
  • drink lots of water (the more water you drink the closer to clear your urine will be, aim for a light, clear yellow)
  • hard massage during a charlie horse

Hip Pain

  • regular exercise and/or stretching
  • sitting on a yoga ball
  • walking correctly – there will come a point where you can’t avoid waddling but hold off as long as you can. When you walk, land your foot on the ball and roll down the rest of the foot. My chiropractor taught me this and it helped a lot. A book on my reading list can help teach you how to do it too.

Comment Below

Here are the pains I experienced and what helped. I didn’t take any pain meds, because I prefer to do pain management. But it is an option. I couldn’t get around taking the nausea medication. Please comment your pains and hacks so we can expand our list for future pregnant Mommas.

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I also prefer not to use medication unless it’s absolutely necessary! Being a yoga teacher myself, I agree that yoga breathing is really an all-around helpful tool to have. You just inhale deeply through your nose (filling up your belly), holding for 3 seconds, then exhaling out of your mouth.


Beautiful page and although the content is way out of my league I thought that it was a great read, very interesting, and in the right hands very helpful


You have some great tips here. I found that sleeping propped up on lots of pillows helped me and a glass of milk for heartburn. When the baby was pressing on my spine I would get on all fours which took the pressure off.
It’s all worth it though for the end result 🙂


I really liked your post, and I am not pregnant but can say that the apple cider vinegar works for me like nothing else for acid reflux.

Having plenty of water helps for so many things for me as well.I will keep your info for any pregnant woman I know.


Really nice work here, We are planning to start trying in 2019 so these tips are really useful for us
🙂 I will be checking back in for more informative articles


Great advice, thank you.

Having not been pregnant yet, I will definitely keep this in mind if or when my time comes.

My tummy has always caused me problems so I have a feeling I will have a great amount of morning sickness.