Postpartum Care Package

Everyone is always so excited to buy things for the new baby, but Mom needs things too. She needs a lot of things actually.

Healing is tough and there are some products that can make a world of difference. Here’s my list of items for a Postpartum Care package!

Not everyone will need them all, choose what applies for you.

Sitz Bath

The sitz bath is a device that goes between the toilet seat and toilet bowl. You put warm water and some fixings in it. Then you sit on the toilet seat soaking your vulva and perineum in it for about 20 minutes.

It really does help in the healing process. Stitches in certain places can make sitting on the toilet painful, however. The stitches up towards the clitoris made it painful for me.

When I was willing to endure it, I did feel a lot stronger after. But I fell out of practice using it because sitting on the toilet for that long really sucked for me.

Sitz Bath Soak

This is some of the fixings you put in a sitz bath. You can use normal Epsom salt. This particular product comes with beneficial essential oils already in it.

Premium Quality Bed Pad

Post-labor moms are leaking all over the place. Boobs are leaking. Lochia is coming out of the cervix.

It’s just a mess everywhere.

This is a great product to place over the side of the bed the new mom sleeps on. She doesn’t have to worry about getting anything on the bed because the pad protects it.

I am saving mine to be used later. When Sara starts potty training, it’ll probably be helpful when we spend the night with family.

If you want to practice elimination communication, it would be a great surface to lay your baby on naked and not have to worry about them peeing and pooping on surfaces.

KKindred Braverly Bra

A good nursing bra is a must. The boobs get so uncomfortable during pregnancy and the first month post-labor (at least they were for me).

Depend Night Defense

Adult diapers for the heavy days and nights of lochia are very useful. The big pads stay in them a lot better than normal underwear.

Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads

When I bought this package it only had 10. Now it has 14. The upgrade is great because milk supply is wild during the first month causing the boobs to constantly leak.

Don’t be surprised if you go through all of these in a day. After the first month, the supply regulates and you won’t leak as much.

Lansinoh Nursing Pads

For those who don’t want to use reusables, disposables are available. You will need a lot of disposables. Buy in bulk if you can.

Even if you are using reusables, disposables on hand can be useful for those really wild leaking days where you go through all of your reusables.

Nightgown Pregnancy Gown

I’m super happy I bought one of these. I was able to change into it after labor and be more comfortable. It also makes for a great nursing pj.

Fridababy Fridet

Probably my favorite item on this whole list. It’s a fancy peri bottle. For vaginal deliveries, the vulva can be incredibly sore afterward. Even more so if there was tearing.

The Fridet allows you to clean yourself with squirts of water. Toilet paper can hurt if you do anything more than dab with it.

The hospital will give you peri bottle, but it’s cheap and not as easy to use.

Witch Hazel Toner

Great ingredient for a sitz bath and DIY lochia pads.

Aloe Vera Gel

Great ingredient for a sitz bath and DIY lochia pads.

Dahlia Cloth Feminine Pads

These are reusable pads. They can be used for lochia and normal periods. There are cheaper ones, but I think this brand has the cutest design.

Disposable Pads

You will run out of the stash of pads the hospital gives you. If you don’t want to use reusables, then you’ll need every size of disposables: overnight, heay, medium, and light.

You likely will not need all of them in one package. But over the weeks following labor, the lochia flow slowly decreases until it’s all gone requiring pads of different sizes.


These liners were the best option I could find. They are thin and long. Most liners are short. I kept having the problem of the lochia moving up to the front of my underwear. With a short liner, it wasn’t caught.

These longer liners did a better job of catching the lochia and keeping my underwear clean.

Stool Softener

That first poop can be terrifying after a vaginal delivery or C-section, specifically for those who tear. Stool softeners go a long way to help.

Cough Drops

It may seem like an odd product but I recommend them because I wish I would have had them after labor. I did a weird scream/grunt while I was pushing out Sara.

It left my throat sore after and the nurses were to busy to remember to bring me one. If you don’t use them, you have some for your next cold.

That’s the full package

These are all the items I found useful or wish I had post labor. Adding some of the new mom’s favorite treats will also be greatly appreciated. Were there any products you found useful that after labor?

***note: I took compression pants off this list after finding out they are bad for the body. See the Diastasis Recti book in my reading list to learn more.

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