Our Pets and Baby

If you’ve read my ‘About Me’ page, then you know I have 7 pets. I figured I’d have some fun and introduce them all to you.


I’m the only dog in the house. Most of the cats steer clear of me, except Gonzo. He loves me to the point of annoying.

I was a rescue. I was found about 2 years old taking care of a bunch of Dalmatian puppies. The rescue gave me my name.

I love my humans and protect them. Especially Mommy while she was pregnant and now baby. She’s a cute little thing I want to cover in kisses. Mommy and Daddy pull her away from me when I try.

That’s okay, I’ll still be overprotective over her and bark at every questionable sound.


I’m the king of this house and have lived with Mommy the longest. Even longer than Daddy.  She got me from a coworker when I was a kitten.

I’m foster father to the rest of the kitties. I hate Dora. I lost it the first time I met her, now I tolerate her.

Mom says my name came from how I’m an orange cat and cats’ eyes glow in the dark. So I’m just like a Jack O’Lantern. But the truth is she really loved the movie Rise of the Guardians and thought Jack Frost was cute.

I keep my distance from the baby. When Baby is sleeping, I bug Mommy for cuddles. But I stay clear away when Baby is awake.


I am the definition of a scaredy cat. I slink around the house and am terrified of the dog, mom, dad, and new baby. My name doesn’t have any special meaning. Mom just thought it sounded pretty. 

Mom found me when I was about four weeks old hiding under her trailer. She left me alone at first thinking my mom was nearby. Then she realized I was on my own.

She spent an hour chasing me under the neighbor’s trailer at 1 O’Clock in the morning.

The moment I met Jack I was in love. I may be a scaredy cat, but so long as Jack is around, life is worth living.

I’ve never gotten used to people and don’t like to be approached. So I stay clear of Baby. Oh, I’m also Mom to the other four cats in the house.


Dad’s a big fan of the writer Hunter S. Thompson. He named me after the good doctor’s reporting style, and substance preference. See the white on my nose? Yup. Daddy is picking on me for my fur coloring.

I’m the chillest cat in the house. I LOVE Dora. I beg her for attention all the time, roll up against her, bare my belly to her. It gets rather pathetic sometimes.

I feel rather neutral towards the new baby. She’s a thing that doesn’t affect me yet. Sometimes I ask for attention when Mommy and Daddy are holding her.


My name comes from my coloring as well. I look like I was thrown in a snow drift. That’s where my name comes from. Can you tell my parents are from the north?

I like cuddles, but only when I like them. When I want them, I’m worse than a hellhound on the hunt. When I don’t want them, leave me alone.

I also feel neutral towards the new baby for now. I leave her alone unless she’s being held when I want attention. I don’t distinguish who I want attention from. I beg everybody for it, including Baby.


If a cat had ADD, it’s me. I can’t sit still. Pet me, and I’ll walk back and forth making it difficult for you. I’m the skinniest because of my energy and terrorizer of the house.

I’ve discovered that when Mom feeds Baby to put her to bed is the perfect cuddle time. I rub up all against Mom and Baby. But Mom swats me away when I wake Baby up. So rude.

My name has no special meaning. Mom just liked the way it sounded.


I’m the only female among my brothers. I’m a bit of a scaredy cat like my mom, just not as bad. However, I am harder to catch.

If you want to pet me, let me sniff you first. I don’t like people petting me without sniffing them first.

The new baby? I don’t really know she exists. The only time she pops up on my radar is when Mom and Dad bring her to the cat tower for me to sniff. Other than that, I don’t notice her.

Mom had a hard time finding a name for me. So she picked Nala from the Lion King.

Those are our Pets

That’s our dog and all 6 of our cats. They’ve all had different reactions to Sara. How have your pets reacted to having a new baby around?

Yup, that’s a baby bump in the pic to the right. Everyone cuddled up to my belly until I couldn’t take it anymore.


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Thank you for the introduction to your pet family 🙂 I have not experienced being in a house with so many pets and I can imaging the cleaning duties plus the amount of hair, lol. My mum has 3 cats and the house literally has hair every, even on the clean clothing. So good luck with that. I know it must be difficult to have a new born with all that amount of pets as some are more territorial then others, as they grow older they will adapt and get used it and become one big happy family 🙂 Have… Read more »


Wow! I thought I had a lot of fur babies with 2 labs and a german shepherd. You’ve got your hands full with them and a new baby but so much fun! They’re all beautiful!!!!

Justin Richard

I enjoyed reading about your pets, it sounds like a fun environment. I think Leon is my favorite.


How lovely they are, I love the relation between Dora and Gonzo they are so cute together
thank you for sharing
have a great time 🙂