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My 8 Best Books to Read During Pregnancy

There is a lot to learn when it comes to going through pregnancy, labor, postpartum, and raising a child. Below is a list of best books to read during pregnancy that I’ve read or are currently reading.

Eventually, I’ll get a full review done on all of them.

Brain Rules for Baby

This is a good read before Baby comes around. It’s about the best ways to keep your baby smart and happy.

It even includes info on things not to waste your money on, like audio products that claim to make your baby smarter. Read the book to find out why such claims are bogus.

Every Woman’s Guide to Foot Pain Relief

This one is a current read. I’ve only read a couple chapters. But foot pain is a real problem for women and can get worse during pregnancy for some. It is based on biomechanics.

Taking Charge of Your Fertility

I use this book to practice NFP but is written for FAM. Read it to learn about your body and to understand your reproductive health.

Diastasis Recti

Also a current read. Diastasis recti is a common issue post pregnancy.

The book discusses what it is and different exercises that will strengthen the body and help you deal with Diastasis recti. It is also based on biomechanics.

Baby Sign Language Basics

Babies who learn sign language are able to start communicating their needs and wants at a younger age.

At about 6 months they have the coordination to start signing to Mom and Dad if they’ve been taught the signs.

Breastfeeding Made Simple

This is my main source of information on breastfeeding and taught me almost everything I know. It’s awesome.

The Birth Partner

A great resource for anyone who wants to be by your side during labor. It provides advice on every topic: labor positions, breathing, labor itself, exercise, perineal massage and more.

It also has specific pages that are off color from the rest. These pages are a quick breakdown of important information for you to find in a hurry if need be.

Practical Handbook for New Dads

Great for new dads. It has information for the expecting dad from pregnancy to about a year old. It’s full of pictures and has advice on every topic. One of my favorite excerpts reads:

If you have an aversion to the breast pump, it’s completely understandable. After all, it’s a bit unnerving watching a mechanical device mercilessly slurping at your partner’s bare chest. You can’t help but think, “If robots made pornography, this is what it would look like.”

A very fun read.

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Awesome site. I have read Baby Sign Language Basics. Its a great book and I highly recommend.


Hi Nicole. Great list of reading for any pregnant families or recent moms and dads. I think the ‘Brain rules for baby’ information should be heavily promoted and possibly subsided to help create the next generation of emotionally intelligent, happy, and smart children. The knowledge is there, however, the ability to teach or implement this knowledge is lacking in most families. Financial obligations keep many parents working at jobs they may not like instead of allowing them to be spending the most important formative years with their children. The children are often raised in front of the television, or even… Read more »


As a parent who’s gone through childbirth 3 times I can assure everyone that a book, or books, are a great to get you prepared. These books are great for any new mom, or dad, to be.

Brandon Pierce
Brandon Pierce

The first pregnancy just has so many unknowns.  My wife and I are hungry to get our hands on any information we can.  It’s all we think about.  There’s so much stuff out there, and half of it is just stuff you already know or someone told you about.  These books are going to be a great way for us to have some good reading material that will lead us in new directions.  Thanks for the reviews.  Gonna pick at least some of these up right away.