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Ideas for Father’s Day Gifts

It can be hard to come up with ideas for Father’s Day gifts. It can seem like Dad has it all and needs nothing.

If the dad in your life falls under that category, think of this: what makes him smile?

Laughing Family
A laughing family

Dad Jokes

Bad dad jokes are a part of our culture and well embraced by many. Even before we had our little girl, my husband was excited about the idea of practicing his dad jokes.

I’ve been paying attention to the advertisements for dad gifts and noticed how they’re different from mom gifts.

At first, I thought they were celebrating dad’s just taking part in a child’s life in the same way mother’s do all the time.

Then I realized it was all about the jokes. My favorite advertisement I’ve seen so far was a shirt on Facebook.

The shirt read something like, “Raising kids, just a walk in the park.”

The words were over a background of a picture that was very similar to the Jurassic Park logo.

tyrannosaurus rex
A dangerous dino

Any Jurassic Park fan gets the joke. And any of those fans who are also dads would find the gift hilarious to receive.

There are many products on the market celebrating our culture of dad jokes. Find one that suits the dad in your life and watch him laugh when he receives his gift.

Hobbies/ Tools

The first gift idea I always had for my dad growing up was tools. He can fix anything around the house and yard.

Working Dad
A dad working on a project around the house

Unfortunately, by the time I was old enough to be thinking of getting gifts for others he had all the tools he needed. That’s often the case for older dads.

Younger dads haven’t built up their tool stash yet. Discovering a tool he wants and doesn’t have yet is an easy gift.

Another option is to pay attention to his hobbies. Are there tools and supplies for his hobbies that he needs?

My husband has requested items off of our Amazon wish list that he needs for a current project.

Father’s Day Gifts From Baby

Baby hand print
A baby’s hand print

Gifts from baby are the easiest. All you need is a child’s ink pad and some sturdy paper. You can make a home-made card. Write the words in yourself and use the ink pad to add your child’s foot and/or hand prints.

Shortly after Sara was born, I cut a small piece of card stock that was just big enough for a print. I put Sara’s foot print on one side and her hand print on the other.

I added some words like, “I love you, Daddy!” and other sweets things a child would say. Tape worked to “laminate” it.

The small card fit perfectly in his little photo wallet that I gave him as a gift the year before. During deployments, he had prints of our little baby to look at along with pictures.

Gifts of Experience

As with moms, gifts of experience work well too. This might also fall in line with their hobby. Do something with your dad that he enjoys, even if you don’t.

I used to help my dad on construction projects for friends to spend time with him even though it was often boring.

Is your dad a golfer? Go golfing with him. Take him to see his favorite sports team play. Buy him tickets to a concert. Take him to dinner. Help him with a project he needs to get done but is taking him a while.

Sometimes, the best gifts we can give our dads is our time and presence.

Aim for the Smile

smiling dad
A dad smiling happily with his daughter

A good Father’s Day gift is one that will bring a smile to your dad’s face. There are many ways to do it. I hope one of these ideas helped you find your gift.

I’d loved to hear what you all are buying for dads. And from dads, what have your favorite gifts been over the years?

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Todd Matthews
Todd Matthews

Tools are always great gifts, and I remember doing the same for my own dad when he and I were both younger, but now that I’m 28 and he’s 52, his tool stash is literally overflowing in their garage. These days, I’ll simply buy a few NFL preview magazines since we’re both NFL obsessed, too. This seems to do the trick since as I said, the toolbox is stocked.  


Nicole, thanks for this nice post!

I remember when I was on kinder-garden, me and my classmates had to make a gift for our fathers on their day. We were all instructed by the teacher, obviously. 

We end up doing this pencil storage that everyone has on their desk, made out of wood. The thing is that my dad still uses it to this day!




Hi Nicole,

I really enjoyed reading this, you have some great suggestions.  I agree with you that gifts of experience are always nice.  I like just going out for a lazy brunch with my family on Father’s Day.  I didn’t think of this in time to do it this year, but next year I want to rent for the day the same model of car that my dad learned to drive on (a 50-something DeSoto, I think) so he can drive around and relive some memories.