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How to have an online baby shower

Baby showers are a lot of fun, but they can be difficult when family and friends do not live by. We were in that situation. All of our family and closest friends live in other states.

So we got creative and had our baby shower online through Facebook live. We were nervous about how it would go and expected it to only last 30 minutes. It went great and went on for more like an hour and a half.

For the registry, we used the second hand gifting site Encore.


Baby bump photo
Baby bump photo

Just like any other shower, one that is done online has tasks that need to be done before the party starts.

Since we did our event on Facebook live, we used Facebook invites.

Not much sense in sending out paper invites when everything was going to be done digitally.

We had the gifts sent to our house and put them in a closet as they came in.

If there had been someone local who was attending the event, we would have had the gifts sent to them.

But that wasn’t the case, and it wasn’t a big deal for us to have the gifts here. We had no trouble not peaking.

My sister acted as the moderator for the party. We made her an admin for the Facebook event and directed people to her to ask gift or party questions if they did not want to ask us directly.

Since we decided to wait till birth to find out the sex of our baby, we did not have a name. We titled the event Baby Stiles Shower.

People love guessing baby sex, so we also set up a poll of boy or girl. Of course, in order to guess people want a baby bump photo. So we posted one of those as well. We got about half-and-half on the guesses.

The last thing we had to do was set up the corner where we were going to have the camera. It wasn’t too much trouble since it was only my husband and me that was on camera.

The Party

The quality of the picture is not great because my aunt used her phone to take a picture of her computer screen. But it works.

We put up the baby girl and baby boy plastic sheets and then attached puffballs for each guess of boy and girl.

As with any shower, we played games. The first game was played throughout.

We set up a permanent post in the chat asking for people’s guess of the baby’s birth hair color, sex, weight, length, and birthday. The winner was the one with the closest guess.

Of course, the winner was not determined until after Sara was born.

The next game we played was one we made up. We called it Mommy or Daddy. My husband and I choose about seven stories each from when we were in the womb, babies, or toddlers and asked people to guess who it happened to.

For example, we asked, “Who was nicknamed Stormy in the womb?”

I was the answer. I was born in a winter month and every time my mom went into false labor there was a major snowstorm. So my mom’s friends took to calling me stormy.

That is just one example. We went through 14 scenarios, asking them each twice to make sure people heard them. Then we went through them all again and gave the answer as well as telling the story behind it.

We ended with a tie and used a story we had in reserve to break it.

We had a lot of fun, and so did everyone else. For some family members, it gave them a chance to reminisce which they had a lot of fun with at their own locations.

baby shower
My husband and I sitting in front of the camera with the decorations behind us.

And for those who didn’t know us at that young age, they got to know us a bit more.

After the Mommy or Daddy game was done, we asked our mom’s to each tell a story from when we were little. That started the next event of people telling stories from our childhoods. That didn’t last too long.

Then we were on to the gifts. My husband and I took turns opening the gifts and writing down who gave what. Once we were done with gifts, the event was done. We thanked everyone and said goodbye.

Lessons Learned

We logged into Facebook live a half hour early. We had never used Facebook live before and neither had most of our family and friends.

Logging in early gave ourselves, and everyone else, a chance to feel comfortable with the technology before the party started.

Only 15 minutes were needed. 30 minutes was a bit too long and people were ready to start as soon as they logged in.

Gifts came in at the last minute. I was getting nervous as the date got closer and we only had a couple of gifts. By the time of the shower, we had a decent amount. Some gifts arrived late too.

It’s part of the nature of doing it online.

Decorations were bought for cheap. We went to the local dollar store and went to the party section. They had baby shower supplies there.

If we were to do it again, I would have a plan in place for sending digital thank yous. The paper thank yous never got sent out. Whoops.

Since everything else was done digitally, it didn’t make sense that we were trying to do the thank you cards as paper.

One other thing we learned was to speak slower than normal and louder. Sometimes people had a hard time hearing us or the lag made it hard to understand us.

My brother kept asking us to read out loud the comments we were responding to in the chat. It’s a good practice that lets people in on the full conversation.

Online Shower ideas

If you’re stuck in a situation where you can’t have a baby shower with friends and family in person, hopefully, this helps you. What other online ideas has anyone done or is thinking about doing? Let me know in the comments.

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Ahmed Aly
Ahmed Aly

That’s really cool idea , make things much easier specially when you can’t invite family or friends who live in another state or country , Thanks to share your experience

Rebecca Arnold

This is a great idea! The task of a baby shower can seem overwhelming when awaiting the arrival of a new baby. This is a fantastic way to engage your family and friends without the stress a real party entails! Very innovative thinking! I wish you and your new family all the best!


This is a great idea! It can be so hard trying to get family and friends all in the same physical space and this is just wonderful. And, as with everything, the first time is the hardest and thanks to you doing it, you are able to write step by step what other couples should do to have an on-line baby shower. Thank you for sharing how to do this and more tips like the games and to make sure you have digital thank you’s set up and ready to use. I really love this idea and plan to use… Read more »


Wow, I enjoyed reading your post.
I have never heard of online baby shower till date.
I think I’ll face the same problem because I’m far away from home.
But thanks to you, I’ll have a solution to the problem.


This was a really good idea and it worked out so, so well. The decorations were so cute!! what a great way to get everybody together when you’re far from family šŸ™‚