baby and a potty trainer

Potty Training for Infants (AKA Elimination Communication)

Is there really such a thing as potty training for infants? Yup! Although, it’s not called potty training. It’s called elimination communication (EC). The idea of sitting a baby who can barely sit up on their own on a potty is strange. Even more so if you’re trying to put a newborn on a potty! …

Contents of a Kanga Care wet bag

Why Every household should have Kanga Care Wet Bags

Kanga Care wet bags are marketed for cloth diapering families, but they are super useful for those who use disposable as well. Even families without kids in diapers can make use of these. Diaper Struggles A common issue that everyone faces who has a child in diapers is the smell from the diaper pale. It’s …

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What to do when there’s no Baby Changing Stations in Public Restrooms or They’re Dirty

There’s no way to get around needing to change a baby in public. But sometimes, there’s no baby changing stations in public restrooms or they’re too dirty to put your baby on. What’s a parent to do? No Changing Tables Before I had a baby, I never noticed how many public restrooms don’t have baby …