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Welcome to New Mamma! I hope I can help you in your days leading up to your hospital visit and after returning home.


I’m a Navy vet starting a new family. My husband is still enlisted. We have six cats and a dog (meet them here). We just had our first child, Sara, in Summer of 2018.

Less than two weeks before she was born, I finished my BA in Sociology. My ultimate goal is to get an MA in Marriage and Family Therapy.


I didn’t start having contractions until a few days before labor. On July 4th, the contractions got a bit stronger and on our way to go see the fireworks, they started to be less than 5 mins apart.

Doc said to give it a few hours before going in.

So back home we went. When we went to the hospital later, I wasn’t dilated enough. So it was be induced with Pitocin or go back home. I wanted a natural labor, so I chose to go back home.

We loved that decision. Sleeping was hard thanks to the contractions. There’s no way I would have gotten any rest at the hospital.

The following day we labored at home until about 1 PM. I was able to be in the positions I found comfortable and could be distracted by the tv. Eventually, we had to go back to the hospital.

I was Strep B positive, so I had to be hooked up to an IV. The OB didn’t want to let me be out of the bed, but she allowed me to sit on the yoga ball.

And if I wanted to take a shower, I had permission to unstrap myself from the monitor for a bit to do that.

It’s a good thing I was allowed out of the bed, I had a panic attack during a contraction on it. The bed made me feel trapped.

So I was not a happy camper when a few hours later when my contractions were a lot stronger, I was made to get back in the bed.

Transition labor had been going on for a bit at that point, and the nurse didn’t want to call the OB in without checking my cervix first.

Well, my contractions were compounding, so she wasn’t really able to check it due to my inability to get into the position she wanted.

Then, I suddenly felt the baby pushing against my cervix and told her the baby was coming. The OB was called to come in then. So I had to fight against pushing for about 20 minutes before the OB arrived.

That experience was worse than anything I had experienced up to that point and after. Pushing was a breeze compared to fighting pushing.

As soon as I knew the OB was in the room, I pushed Sara out in less than 5 minutes. I ended up with tearing everywhere (it took an hour to stitch me up) and a 2nd-degree perineal tear.

I did all kinds of research before going into labor, but there were still things I discovered I didn’t know. I also discovered that life for the postpartum mom needs a lot more attention than it currently gets.


While I was pregnant, I realized how fortunate I am. I have a loving husband who has a full-time job that provides for our family. With his support, I was able to do school full throttle and finish my degree.

When I wasn’t working on school, I had all the time I wanted to sit and research things about baby and labor. It occurred to me during this time that not everyone has that kind of free time.

Some of you are moms who are doing it on your own. I take my hat off to you. You are embracing an incredible challenge, and know that no matter how you feel you are doing, you are doing awesome.

My goal is to be there for all of you new moms. If there is any topic you want answers and you don’t have the time, the know-how, or are finding confusing answers, let me know.

I will track down the best answers available.

Unfortunately, there are some things that don’t have good answers yet, but most things do. I am here for YOU, the incredible woman who loves her child (or children). Please hit me up with your questions.

All the best,

Nicole Stiles

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