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My goal is to help every new mom be confident in her parenting decisions. Whether those decisions are made during pregnancy or after the baby comes.

There are so many pressures in our culture telling moms to believe and follow opposite advice. It can be difficult to weed through it all and find what fits your family and uncover the trends that are harmful.

In order to find the trends that fit your family, it takes a lot of searching around the internet.

Search no more!

New-Momma is here to help you weed through current trends and find the parenting style that is right for you!

If there is a topic you would like to read about that’s not on this website, email me at new-momma@new-momma.com. I’ll put a post or email together to help you understand it better.

About Me

Stiles family of three
Stiles family of three

I’m a Navy vet starting a new family. My husband is still enlisted. We have six cats and a dog. We had our first and only child (so far), Sara, in Summer of 2018.

Less than two weeks before she was born, I finished my BA in Sociology. My ultimate goal is to get an MA in Marriage and Family Therapy.


While I was pregnant, I realized how fortunate I am. I have a loving husband who has a full-time job that provides for our family. With his support, I was able to do school full throttle and finish my degree.

When I wasn’t working on school, I had all the time I wanted to sit and research things about baby and labor. It occurred to me during this time that not everyone has that kind of free time.

Some of you are moms who are doing it on your own. I take my hat off to you. You are embracing an incredible challenge, and know that no matter how you feel you are doing, you are doing awesome.

I am here for YOU, the incredible woman who loves her child (or children). Please hit me up with your questions.

All the best,

Nicole Stiles

Stiles Mom and baby
Stiles Mom and baby

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